>my father

7:44 AM


Having found my brother means a lot to me. Through understanding him it helps me understand myself and where I've came from a lot better. I only wish I could have met our father before he passed away. From what I've been told he was a great man - a human rights activist, a Buddhist, the first African American photographer for the Herald, a talented musician. I feel a little of the gap filled that has been prevalent through out my life - for once, I feel like I actually knew my father because I know myself. I can see pieces of him in me - my passion, my creativity, my intellect, my humanitarian efforts, my spiritual efforts, my natural understanding of music theory, my tendency to get lost in my work. I can see why my mom fell in love with him - if it wasn't for the problems they had they would have been a perfect match.

I can't wait to see Louisville, the city where I was born. I am told it is a beautiful place to go.

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