7:59 AM


I'm slowly but surely making the transition from prefolds to flats, namely in the form of receiving blankets. I have so many receiving blankets I didn't know what to do with them all. This way they're finding a nice use. It's surprising to me that I like them so much considering they take more work. Seven months ago I wouldn't even consider using a prefold, much less a flat. I was in to cloth diapers but I thought all-in-ones were the way to go - no fuss, no muss. Boy was I wrong. All-in-ones require meticulous care... the folding involved in prefolds and flats is nothing compared to how carefully you have to treat your all-in-ones. Then there's the expense involved... you can easily drop $300 on an all-in-one stash only to end up doing it again once your baby goes up a size. Prefolds and flats are pretty much one size fits all, and my prefold stash cost under $100. Considering how tough prefolds and flats are in comparison to all-in-ones on top of that.... the choice becomes even easier. :)

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