>I'm getting through it

2:55 PM


I'm feeling better now, but not by much. My appetite has at least returned and I'm able to pull myself out of bed in the morning. That's about as far as it goes, though. Still... that shows improvement.

Most of it is due to two people, to which I am extremely grateful - David and my mom. Without them I don't think I would still be here.

David has helped through his love, patience, and understanding. When I say that George has taken everything from me he reminds me that he hasn't, nor can he, take David and Brennan away from me. When I say that no one believes me he reminds me that he believes me. When I say George was right he reminds me that George doesn't have any friends and with good reason - he lies, manipulates, and controls everyone around him. There has not been a single thing I have been able to say that he has not been able to counter. That makes me feel better. It makes me feel saner.

My mom has helped in that way that only a mother can - by simply being there, by simply loving me, by simply being sympathetic, by simply knowing me.

I must keep myself reminded that George is not nearly as fortunate as I am in all of this. He can take my stuff away but he cannot take away my family and friends, which are treasures he does not posses and never will posses as long as he refuses to grow up with the rest of us. On top of that I have a future - not just because I'm in school, but because I have ethics and critical thinking skills, because I'm good and fair to people, because I'm faithful, and because I don't lie to or manipulate others. That all makes for a good, solid foundation that does not fail.

So, I will say this once and once only:

Fuck you, George. I and everyone else are better off without you, and secretly I think you know it.

That includes you, John. I didn't call you out because you really don't need to be called out, do you? I mean, calling people child molesters when you're the one with the 15 year old baby mama and all.

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