>the link between bipolar disorder and enhanced creativity

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This is an old article, but an interesting one. It's been said by a lot of people that there is a link between bipolar disorder and higher levels of creativity/intelligence, but most of these claims can be taken with a grain of salt. This was an actual study done a few years back on the existence of a link between bipolar disorder and enhanced creativity that showed these claims have some substantial truth to them.

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have shown for the first time that a sample of children who either have or are at high risk for bipolar disorder score higher on a creativity index than healthy children. The findings add to existing evidence that a link exists between mood disorders and creativity.

The small study, published in the November issue of the Journal of Psychiatric Research, compared creativity test scores of children of healthy parents with the scores of children of bipolar parents. Children with the bipolar parents—even those who were not bipolar themselves—scored higher than the healthy children.

“I think it’s fascinating,” said Kiki Chang, MD, assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and co-author of the paper. “There is a reason that many people who have bipolar disorder become very successful, and these findings address the positive aspects of having this illness.”

Stanford School of Medicine

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