>let's talk about nazis and white pride

12:40 PM


It never fails to amaze me how nazi skins can so easily confuse white pride with racism. If you're proud to be white, where's the need to hate on other races? Don't you realize that all that does is make it extremely apparent that you yourself are so insecure in your race that you have to down other races to make yourself feel good about your race... and that in itself that is a contradiction of white pride?

And while we're on the subject, why does it seem every nazi skin out there on the net is freaking 13? You would think that alone would tell you something about the maturity level of this group, enough to stay away from them.

Another oddity I've noticed is amongst all the screaming of white pride, none of these people can seem to actually explain their beliefs to the average non believer. How can you hold a belief with absolutely no backbone? Are you really THAT much of a sheep?

Pride and prejudice just don't mix. This isn't a Jane Austin novel. This is real life. And when it comes down to it, I suspect these nazi skins are just your average joes with a stick up their butt because there are blacks, Jews, Hispanics, etc. that are more successful than them. I'm the product of a mixed relationship, and let me tell you I'm glad my mom picked my dad - the first African American photographer for The Herald, a brilliant musician, and a respected community leader. Nazis would like to see brains like that die out just because the people they're coming from aren't white. That seems rather counter productive to me.

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