>20 things I love about David in no particular order

7:54 AM


1. His eyes… he has the kind of eyes that seem like they can stare straight in to your soul

2. His empathy… it makes you think he really CAN stare straight in to your soul

3. The way he appreciates all the little things I do to show him I care

4. The way he does little things to show me he cares

5. How he loves to cuddle at night

6. How he loves to have my arm hooked through his when we go out

7. The way he can smile at me or kiss me and make everything suddenly seem better

8. There’s hardly a single day that goes by that he does not tell me how beautiful I am to him and how much he appreciates me - and means it

9. How he does his best to help me with Brennan and around the house when I need it

10. His imagination… it’s wild and open and free

11. His love for life

12. His love and empathy for everyone regardless of if they show it back

13. His willingness to forgive and forget

14. His firm butt

15. His determination – when he sets his mind to something, there’s no changing it

16. His valor – he will stand up to anything or anyone to protect his family’s honor

17. His intelligence – he not only has opinions but he can back them up with facts

18. His love for reading

19. His adventurous nature – I can go anywhere with him and know we’ll have fun

20. His honesty and faithfulness – there are a lot of dogs out there, and this guy isn’t one of them!

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