>Depakote and diapers

2:12 PM


Picture0022 This is actually the very first full body picture I've dared to take since Brennan was born, lol. Now it seems pretty silly... I don't look half as bad as I thought. If anything I actually look better thanks to all that muscle tone! Lugging a 20 pound baby around seems to have that effect, lol. 

I finally got in to see the psych about the problems I was having with the Prozac and Abilify that my doc prescribed me (mainly zombification). He took me off both of them and now has me on Depakote. So far I'm liking it better than anything I've taken to date - unlike everything else I've tried it keeps me calm and feeling "normal" without any hard to live with side effects (such as the oh too common tremors). The only problem so far is I'm having trouble sleeping on it, which is kind of odd considering sleepiness is supposed to be one of the side effects. I'm also still having trouble getting going during the day, which may be either the Depakote or an indication that the depression hasn't completely subsided. I'm not really sure which.

I've almost completed Brennan's new diaper stash, with only a few more diapers to go. I'm thinking about selling them after that as I don't really want to stop sewing them. It's became an addiction for me, lol. The only thing is I'm not really sure if my sewing skills are good enough yet to warrant selling my wares. I figure I might be best off buying some WAHM diapers first for comparison's sake before I start to move any further towards selling my own. 

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