>cultural diversity.... yeah, right

4:41 PM


Right now I am having a ridiculously hard time getting across to my Cultural Diversity (ETH125) instructor that race isn't talked about in this community, especially by our community leaders. That's not to say there are no racial issues here but that they are simply not discussed. Racial slurs are slung behind closed doors and the community itself is split down the middle - whites living on one side, blacks living on the other side, with both of their numbers being proportionately the same. There are no civil rights activists, either, unless you want to consider the KKK that marches in front of the courthouse once a year recruiting "civil rights activists", ha.

On top of that this instructor has seemed to take offense to my identification as someone as mixed race. I guess I'm just supposed to identify myself as black...? One look at me though and you can see how ridiculous that kind of identification would be. I identify myself as mixed because well, I LOOK mixed and I AM mixed. I don't see what's wrong with identifying yourself for what and who you are. I also must admit that I have felt discriminated against in this class because out of all the minorities discussed not a peep is made about those of mixed race, when people of mixed race certainly qualify as a minority. They're small in numbers, their needs aren't addressed by society, their very existence is rarely addressed by society, and they're discriminated against not only by other races but by the very races that make up their racial background.

Why must we fall through the cracks even when it comes to discussing the people that fall through the cracks?

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