>I'm making AIOs (all-in-ones) now :)

11:23 AM


diaper 2007-01-03 006

diaper 2007-01-03 008

It turns out David wasn't too crazy about having to stuff pockets, so I promised him I would start making AIOs and fitteds now. I don't think it turned out too badly for my first shot. I used Rita's Rump Pocket pattern and sewed a prefold in to the inner layer of the diaper, then turned and top stitched the pocket.

I'm thinking about adding elastic to the back... still debating on that one though as I have found it really doesn't make much of a difference other than just generally making the diaper look nicer. I learned the hard way with my pockets that top stitching, while making the diaper look nicer, also makes the diaper's fit less secure, so I've decided to leave it out on my diapers (except on the pocket part, where it's necessary).

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