>I don't care about Obama's mama

10:02 PM


Ok...here's the deal, my boyfriend keeps telling me that he loves me, but whenever I want to go see my friends he blows up and starts hitting and kicking me. How can I make it stop? I've already tried leaving him, but he almost killed me then.

My Yearbook

When I first saw this post the very first thing that ran through my mind was, "Oh my god, it's George's girlfriend Melissa! Oh my god..." I stopped myself short on that, realizing of course that could be anyone. But it also made me reflect for a moment on exactly why the first thing that ran through my head was that Melissa had wrote that.

In other news, Morgan Freeman finds out where in the world Osama Bin Laden is at... and doesn't go in. Smart man.

I also have a wet dog shaking all his water off on me. :(

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