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Today I had a panic attack at work. My general manager was having one of her days - not smiling at me, not greeting me. Then she instructed me not to rinse out the coffee filter in the front sink. I asked what I should do with it then, and she told me that if I had told my one year old son not to do it I would expect him to figure out what to do with it. That's when it happened.

So I went to the doctor today, and he changed me from being on Geodon to being on Klonopin. Note that this was far from being a first time panic attack, and the only medication that has worked so far for it is waaaay out of my price range in the dosages it takes to have any effect (Depakote).

This is no minor drug. A relative to Valium, it's highly addictive and easy to overdose on. I'll be taking a small dose though so most of that (I hope) will not be a concern.

I have high hopes though that this will work as well as Depakote did for managing my anxiety. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I loved Depakote but I hated the weight gain, not to mention the price tag.

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