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Well, after a few days the Klonopin seems to be making things better. Let's hope they continue this way.

It looks like David has finally found a job, and it's a pretty decent paying one as well.

I've been keeping myself busy by occupying myself with things that have needed to be done at the house, spending time with Brennan, and playing around with Ubuntu.

I'm on my last week of Analysis & Design of Information Systems. Making a B so far... it could be better but I've done my best balancing it, home, and work and I am proud of myself for coming this far.

Brennan is by far most definitely a toddler now. He walks, runs, and climbs all over the place. He understands a lot of what you say to him too although he can't repeat it all back. We're now starting on slowly potty training him - that is, allowing him to watch us and decide when he's ready to go.

If you haven't heard of the O.C. Supertones, you should definitely check them out. Awesome band.

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