>Getting enough exercise while parenting a toddler

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Chances are, if you're the main caretaker of a hyper toddler you're already getting all the exercise you need. If you're still looking to squeeze in a little extra, though, here are some ideas:
  • Go exploring. Take your little one out for a walk and let them explore the great outdoors.
  • Play rough (but not too rough). Roll, jump, romp, and play around with your little tyke.
  • Dance. Toddlers love to dance - or watch you dance - and it's a great work out.
  • Do toddler aerobics. Use your little tyke to do weight lifts - chances are he or she will get a kick out of it.
  • Do toddler yoga. There are tons of positions you can do with your toddler, both as a team and separately.
  • Play on a playground. This is just classic fun for the whole family. :)

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