>I'm fed up.

9:56 AM


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I'm tired of you sitting on your computer all day not spending hardly any attention to me or your son.

I'm tired of you staying at home while I work and hardly doing anything to keep the house clean besides sweeping, mopping, doing dishes once a week, and occasionally making dinner.

I'm tired of you getting angry at me because I'm upset that I feel I'm working as a single mom with an extra tag-a-long.

I've tried asking, I've tried begging, I've tried "To Do" lists, and you ignore all of it.

And let's be serious. You have not seriously looked for a job. You did at first and then you quit. You started waiting for a job to fall in to your lap. Now one has, thank god. Thank god that you'll finally be getting up off your ass and doing something.

But if you keep making Brennan stay in his room or his playpen just because he gets in to trouble like a toddler does rather than standing up and being a man and teaching him how not to get in to trouble like you're supposed to...

If you keep expecting me to keep this marriage, this house, and everything else going while you have fun in your chatroom and ignore the fact that life is just passing you by....

I want a divorce.

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