>Fast Food Rules #2: Don’t shoot the messenger!

12:29 PM


I’m sorry your meal costs too much. I’m sorry my restaurant chooses to charge you for a “courtesy” water cup. I’m sorry that charge is too much. I’m sorry your burger was underdone, I’m sorry our ice machine was out of ice, I’m sorry there wasn’t any sweet tea made because a stampede came in and drank it faster than we could make it.

That’s no reason for you to throw your change at me or my manager though, mam. Nor is it any reason to cry, scream, yell, or curse. We’re not the guy at the top pushing the red button, and we’re sorry we’re not, because if we were, it probably wouldn’t happen because believe me… we want to see you happy. Nothing makes work more miserable than miserable customers.

Don’t shoot the messenger… shoot the sender. If you’re not happy with what you’re getting, hit him where it hurts and stop coming. Otherwise you’re just making yourself – and us – miserable.

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