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As a little follow up to the housework post, here's some cleaning items I have found to be indispensable and irreplaceable:

  • microfiber dusters - These guys really work. They easily pick up dust and hold on to it. You can beat them out between most usages. Once they get too dirty wash them out with shampoo and water, hang them to dry, and then you're good to go again. White is a really good color to get with this - you can easily tell when it's time to wash the duster out again.
  • dish detergent filled scrubber brushes - These brushes not only make washing dishes a lot easier, but they also make cleaning off stuck on food a lot quicker.
  • thick microfiber towels - They soak up spills like nothing else I've seen. Dust and dirt is magnetically attracted to them. They're soft and fluffy. There's not much not to like about them
  • white vinegar - This is not only good for cleaning but it also helps kill odors.
  • baking soda - This is great for controlling odors and also situations where a mild abrasive is needed.
  • bleach - Good for bleaching, disinfecting, and keeping algae out of the pool water.
  • concentrated degreaser - A little bit of this in a bucket of warm water and you can clean anything. It's especially great as a floor cleaner. For tougher jobs use it full strength.
  • concentrated oxy dish detergent - A little goes such a long way it makes buying any other kind of detergent a waste of money.
  • aerosol window cleaner - Cleans a lot better than the spray, and useful in cleaning large windows when combined with a squeegee.
  • squeegee with built in sponge - This can be used for everything from cleaning windows to cleaning the shower and bathtub. It makes all of these tasks a lot easier.
  • microfiber car wash mitt - This is for those situations where you need to clean a large area that can't be squeegeed (like a wall).
  • Yankee Candle Company tarts and a warmer - This will make your home smell so very, very nice with just one tart.
  • old school mop made out of bound yarn - I don't think they have yet to make a mop that can clean as quickly or as thoroughly as one of these. Swish the mop from side to side rather than trying to push it back and forth and you'll find yourself speeding through mopping.
  • bagless vacuum - Not only do you not have to bother with a bag, but you can take the whole vacuum apart to ensure that no dust build up is getting pushed back out in to your home. Additionally the suction on these things is nothing to be sneezed at, and they can pick up almost any small object without much danger.
  • plain shaving cream - Rub a little of this until it disappears on your bathroom mirrors to keep them from fogging up.

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