>Keeping up with housework while parenting a toddler

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It seems impossible! You've got a little tyke running everywhere, getting in to everything, and you're trying to keep him or her from doing it while managing to get your house cleaned up.

Let's break this up in to parts:

1. Get your little one under control
  • Teach your child not to mess with certain things. When they start to mess with something they shouldn't, remove their hand and tell them firmly no. If they still go for it, firmly tell them no again and remove them from the area. This may take some repeats but eventually they'll get the idea.
  • If your little one gets defiant with your instructions, a time out doesn't hurt. He or she will cry, scream, and generally pitch a tantrum so be prepared for it. Wait until he or she has calmed down, and then reintroduce him or her back in to your environment.
  • Use distractions! Make sure interesting toys are around. Electronic toys usually get boring quick, but classics like blocks, balls, ABC magnets on your fridge (make sure they're not choking hazards), a cobbler's bench, drums, pots and pans, and even tightly closed empty two liter bottles can keep your little one entertained and out of trouble.
2. Get Evolution or Microsoft Outlook

  • Both Evolution and Microsoft Outlook have excellent task, calendar, and memo functions.
  • Use the task function to list everything that needs to be done around the house.
  • Use the calendar function to record appointments.
  • Use the memo function to list everything that needs to be bought
  • Make a printout of the calendar, tasks, and memos every day and post them on your fridge.
  • If you use a Bluetooth enabled cell phone, sync it up with Evolution or Microsoft Outlook.
3. Learn how to waitress

  • Learn how to multitask - keep several things running at once, especially when it comes to keeping an eye on your child and doing housework
  • Learn how to prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance
  • Learn how to handle high stress, high pressure situations on your own time and not to rush yourself or lose your cool
  • When your little one makes a mess at his or her eating area, clean it up immediately. With practice you'll be able to get this done in no time, and it won't be such a chore.
4. Don't try to be super woman
  • Take one task on the list at a time. Do one, then take a break. Do another one, then take another break. You'd be surprised how much you'll end up getting done just taking your time.
  • If you start to feel stressed, slow down. Your work will be much shoddier if you're trying to get it done while you're strung out and rushing.
  • Don't worry if you can't get everything done on the task list in one day. The point is that you're getting the stuff done.

5. Have fun and clean lazy
  • Have fun while you're cleaning. Listen to music and dance. Watch some T.V. out of the corner of your eye. Play with your little one and try to teach him or her how to do simple clean up tasks like picking toys up.
  • Clean lazy. If you see something small that needs cleaning, even just a spot, go ahead and stop to clean it up. This will save you cleaning a bigger mess later. ;)

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