>Lessons well learned

8:24 PM


There's a few things I've learned about Ubuntu so far...

  • Ubuntu Geek, while well meaning I'm sure, is wrong. All you have to do to get Flash operating in Opera is download the files he specifies and install them, then copy the libso files over to Opera's directory. All the fancy command footwork is not necessary at all, and one of these days I'll get around to writing another tutorial on it.
  • Banshee is God when it comes to managing a Creative Zen in Ubuntu. It doesn't hiccup like other apps when Ubuntu mounts the device before starting the program, and the features it packs are nice, such as automagically syncing your Zen when you plug it in.
  • I may be rusty with Linux, but I can still turn a few tricks when it comes to tech support. I helped Derick this evening with figuring out how to edit the video resolution and was able to immediately pinpoint why he was having live CD troubles (you old schoolers know exactly what I probably told him).
  • Flash in Linux still sucks, as well does webcam support.

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