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Today we had a HUGE scare.

Brennan was pitching a fit for his lunch. Sammy was begging to go out and had already had an accident on the floor. So I let Sammy out, made sure he was going to the right spot to poop, and attended to Brennan. Well the next thing I know my neighbour and the woman that owns the vegetable stand down the road are knocking on my door telling me Sammy was down by the street and a woman in a blue Blazer picked him up. I freaked out because I'm always scared someone is going to steal Sammy, either because he's a $900 dog (cockapoo) or because he's so friendly and loving.

Fortunately the woman was trying to keep him from getting hit and wanted to get in contact with us to return him.

I am so relieved. That dog is like a part of the family. I will never again pull a stunt like I did and threaten his well being.

She's on her way right now to return him. I am so eternally grateful. I would state her name here but I'm not sure if she would want her name posted on the internet or not, even if it was to show my gratitude. :)

What a beautiful woman, though.
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