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Well, after discovering that Kubuntu loaded my Bluetooth dongle and paired with my phone just fine but just needing to backup my files (still kicking myself for not partitioning the HDD and letting Ubuntu install everything on to one partition), Ubuntu flipped out on me. First it was the constant error telling me that there was not enough disk space when there was 32 gb free. A fscking fixed that, but then my applications menu disappeared. Firefox forgot all my settings. The CD/DVD creator refused to burn any disks. Too much for me to even bother with fixing, so I used the Kubuntu live CD to burn the discs I needed, partitioned the HDD properly (one for home, one for root, one for swap), and installed Kubuntu. I was going to install the new Mepis but realized the new Mepis was really still the old Mepis (scratches head). I expected a lot more improvement in that arena.

This all cost me being a day late on some assignments in my classes. Bleh.

Anyways, I rather like Kubuntu so far. It's my first experience with the new KDE 4, and so far it's been like a weird futuristic version of the KDE 3 I knew. So far I've been busy customizing everything to the functions I had before but I will soon start customizing the interface. I'm looking forward to using KDE again. I remember it as being a very flexible and customizable desktop environment, and so far it looks like they've attempted to keep the customizability but clean up their presentation.

Brennan has finally figured out how to open the sliding glass doors in our apartment, so now we have to keep the doors locked at all times. I wonder what we are going to do once he figures out how to unlock them! He figured it out today and the next thing I knew he was running out the door. I shot out after him faster than I even thought myself capable of ever doing. Somehow ever since I became a mother I've gained this super-speed ability that allows me to be right on top of Brennan in the blink of an eye when there's a problem.
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