>You don't know what it's like to be delightfully mad

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Ok, so there's going to be no modem until Wednesday. Grrrr.

I called McDonald's main office today and was told that I would be called back by either TJ or Mike. *crosses my fingers*

I don't really want my job back. That place was hell to deal with and I believe it was the reason for my panic attacks returning. However, I do want them to realize that I was wrongfully terminated and an apology would be nice as well. You don't fire someone because they're sick after you've already excused them for being sick. You also don't do it over their voice mail.

I'd also like the main office to know what kind of an abusive environment that place is to work in.

My grandma ended up answering the question of why my cockapoo dog Sammy keeps peeing and pooping in Brennan's room every time he gets the chance. The morons at Yahoo Answers said it was because he felt he dominated Brennan and felt aggression towards him. This is a cockapoo, not a pit bull, and it's a very loving cockapoo that is crazy about Brennan (and likewise). They're also both the "babies" in our family and we treat them like two kids. My grandma's answer was this: Sammy loves Brennan so much that he's marking his room as his territory to guard. This makes a whole lot more sense.

From now on if someone asks me to tell them about myself I'm going to tell them I'm delightfully mad.

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