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I've been sick for the past week and waiting to see the doctor so I could get an excuse and get the problem fixed (namely panic attacks and blackouts). My general manager offered to take me off the schedule for as long as I needed in order to get it worked out.

Today my general manager called me and told me I was fired for not being reliable. She went on to explain that by that she meant me being sick and also being $20 short one day on a till, something that until then I had never been informed of much less written up for.

This is all downright unethical and I believe it's illegal to boot as well.

McDonald's is not only a company I will never work for again, but I will encourage others to not work there as well. Or eat there. I'm tempted to stand outside the store with a picket sign one weekend. That's taking it a bit too far though.

I will be contacting the main office though, and if that goes nowhere, I will be looking into taking legal action.
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