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Why do so many people "strongly disapprove" of Barack Obama right now? He's just 6 months in to his very first presidency! Would you expect yourself to be an expert at a completely new job just 6 months in to it? I don't think so...

Why not instead of looking at everything he's fumbling with right now, look at the beginnings of what he's doing right. Obama has made it extremely easier to obtain an education right now, and there's been a raise in the Pell grant's maximum payout. Do you realize how long education has taken a backseat in our government? Way too long. With the economy the way it is now, the working class person is getting exterminated. Obama is trying to give these people a way out - a career - in order to weather the storm that is raging. You've also got to think that the more people that get careers, the more money is going to get saved on welfare related services - and at the same time, there will be more money available in the national budget as more tax money is flowing in from those people working better paying careers. Then we might actually be able to afford a medical system in the U.S. that makes sure no one gets left behind.

I'm no expert at politics, and I'm sure there's going to be a lot more reform needed in order to get to that form of medical care here, but I do think that making education more accessible and encouraging the public to earn more money (and therefore more tax dollars and less dependence on the government for financial aid) is the beginning of the right way to go.

Give the guy a break. He got something majorly right in his first 6 months as the guy that pushes the red button. Many of us may think we could do the same in that period, but we've never been in that position, and you can be pretty sure it's a very tough position to be in. He's not king. He's got other people there, and he has to hear their opinions, their comments, their advice, their reasoning, etc. and find a common string through all the ruckus to figure out what the people want. He's a negotiator, not a dictator. And if you've ever tried to negotiate with a group of people with all their own agendas... you have had a glimpse of how tough it can really be.

So come on. Give Obama a break, and let him try to do his job for a while before you start to judge and criticize.

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  1. >The position of President of the United States does not offer "on the job training." This is a position that you are expected to be ready for when you take office. That is beside the point, however. So many Americans strongly disapprove of Obama because he barely had half the country vote im into office to begin with, so half of the country is going to be keeping an eye on him, as should the entire country. They disapprove of him because of the decisions that he has made. Half of the country does not agree with those decisions and they are speaking out about it, as they should and have EVERY RIGHT TO DO! The democratic process is not a spectator sport. Too many people believe that if a democrat wins the presidency, anyone who did not vote for him needs to shut up and put up, and visa versa. Sorry to disappoint. It doesn't matter who you voted for, your political party, religion, race or bank account, you have the right to stand up and speak out against the government's decisions. It is what the counstitution is all about and what makes freedom great. If Obama can't handle this aspect of his job, then he can hand it over to a more qualified indiidual.

  2. >I don't really get the idea you're trying to give, Meredith...No one is saying anyone doesn't have the right to speak out about their beliefs.What I was disagreeing with was the one-sidedness of things. People pick a side and they refuse to realize there's another perspective to look at.He's done things wrong, but he HAS ALSO DONE THINGS RIGHT. He's done things right, but he HAS ALSO DONE THINGS WRONG. And he hasn't been in office long enough for anyone to really have any idea what kind of president he's going to turn out to be.Historically, no one has known what a president is going to turn out to be like their first 6 months in office. No president is ready to be president prior to being president. There's a lot of adjustments to make no matter how long someone has been in political offices, because the position is so unique unto itself. You don't just sit there and say yes or no all day long. You have to get in a room with a bunch of very well educated politicians with a bunch of different opinions and make them agree, and whatever you make them agree to better be what the majority of the country wants or you face the brunt of the criticism for the decision even though ultimately you were not the one who made it. I think a lot of people underestimate really how tough that really is, and they're unforgiving of the fact that everyone is not going to agree with them.