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She devoted years to caring for her mother, who died at age 101. Then Maria del Carmen Bousada embarked on a quest to become a mom herself. She lied to a California fertility clinic to skirt its age limit, and later pointed to her mother's longevity as a reason to expect she'd be around to care for her kids.

At age 66 she had twins, becoming the world's oldest new mom — and raising questions about maternity so late in life. Now she is dead at age 69, leaving behind boys not yet 3.

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How sad. But it just goes to show... we never know when we will die. Live each day to the fullest.

My prayers will be with her sons. Hopefully they will be placed in a home that at least comes close to being as loving as I'm sure the home this woman offered to them was (I mean, come on, she was 66, she wanted a child so badly she was willing to go through all the risks at her age to get one).

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