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Today I think I may have done the right thing by helping a woman that was in trouble. According to her boyfriend had a physically abusive past with her, he was verbally and emotionally abusive to her, cheated on her all the time, and tried to pull the kick you out overnight stunt despite her name being on their lease.

He came over and yelled at me. *sighs*

We also went to the springs today. Brennan cried as soon as his feet touched the water because it was cold, so we spent most of our time switching him off so we could play in the water. His new Goldbug 2-in-1 monkey backpack child safety harness came in handy as we could let him run around and have some freedom while still keeping him close. It also prevented us from having to chase him down if he got loose from holding our hands. He had a ball chasing the buzzards and squirrels that were around the spring.

Oh god that water was freezing.

Anyways, I thought I might get some negative comments about using a child safety harness with him, but so far I've gotten nothing but compliments on how cute it is and how smart it is. I think it's because people see we're not using it to be lazy - we take him around holding his hand like you normally would, using the harness itself as backup in case he wiggles free (which he manages to do sometimes -_-;). Then if we're in an open and safe area we'll use it to give him the freedom to move around without there being any chance of him running off on us (boy, can those legs run and does he do it often!).

He hasn't shown any problems with it. He absolutely loved it from the moment he saw it in the box. The great thing is once he's bigger it converts in to a little backpack he can use to store whatever he wants (I can't remember what age it happens at, but most young children go through a phase where they like being able to carry items with them).

He still hasn't used his Safety 1st Nature Next potty yet though. :( I keep hoping the day will come soon...

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