>Brennan slept in his toddler bed last night!

9:03 AM

>I am very proud to report that Brennan slept in his toddler bed with rails last night and didn't fall out of bed once (to my knowledge). He may have and just crawled back in to bed - I made sure that there was a stack of blankets under the area rug where his bed is so if he fell out it wouldn't hurt.

I woke up to another surprise this morning, though. Once again he had managed to get in to the bathroom and scatter everything around. At least he didn't fill the toilet up with random items this time. I think it's time that we put a latch on the bathroom door. Evidently our childproof doorknob covers aren't working.

There's a lesson to be learned from all we have been through - there's no such thing as childproof.

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