>it's time to seriously start potty training Brennan

2:29 PM


Toilet Training is ImportantImage by Jari Schroderus via Flickr

I've been asking around for advice on potty training. So far what I've gathered is:
  • Let Brennan watch us use the bathroom.
  • Make sure he sees what we did in the toilet.
  • 20 minutes after drinking something, first thing in the morning, whenever we think he's going to have a bowel movement, every hour, and after naps encourage him to use the potty.
  • Make "sss" noises to encourage him to go and lots of praise.
  • Do this for about 3 minutes and if he doesn't do anything keep trying.
  • Eventually he might start making "sss" noises to indicate he has to use the potty.
  • Give it time. He'll catch on when he's ready for it.
Ok, we're going to try all of this. Wish us luck!!! I'll let you know how it's going a week or so from now.
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