>Brennan turns new tricks and long locked doors are about to be opened

8:24 AM

>Yesterday Brennan managed to get in to the bathroom and take everything down and put it in the floor - including the trash. He also filled up the toilet with random items, including our toothpaste and an entire roll of toilet paper.

He's also gained a fascination with plugs, and will pull them out of the sockets if not kept under careful supervision.

Oh, did I mention he managed to get out of the house the other day? We have all sliding glass doors and he figured out how to open the front door. I heard it open and waited for someone to come in. When no one came in it suddenly occurred to me that Brennan must have done it and there he was... running as fast as his legs would take him down the sidewalk, lol. Needless to say now we keep the sliding glass doors locked. ;)

Still no success with the potty training, too.

My brother wants to produce another documentary, and he wants me to help him with it. I described the racial issues in Palatka, FL and he got interested in covering it. It is now my duty to manage to get the mayor to talk to me about the racial issues here (namely that they're just not discussed though blatantly present) and convince him that this place needs the documentary to help wake the city up. I'm thinking about doing some street interviews to show him how present the issues are, and perhaps presenting my Cultural Diversity class final research paper in which I had to admit that there was no discussion of these issues in our county and I couldn't get any community leaders to discuss them with me as well (including him). I was the only person in my class that was unable to find any discussion of racial issues here, much less the only person that couldn't even get any community leaders to talk about them. Sean (my brother) is confident that I'll be able to do this. After all, we both are the offspring of a father that had tremendous community influence and was active in fighting for human rights and against racism. My brother also feels that my multiracial background will help me to see all the sides of the race debate and break down racial walls. I'm not so sure of myself, but I do know I want to do something to help open people's eyes and I'm willing to give it a shot.

If this goes through, I really want to dedicate it to our father and God. It is going to be through his genes and God's grace alone that we will get this accomplished, and hopefully it will spark a revolution in a city that is long overdue for one.

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