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Hi. I'm Jonquil. This is all I have observed while working at this establishment, and this is all I know as to why I was terminated. By the way, I was not only terminated over the phone, but by voice mail. That is completely unprofessional.

I put my heart in to my work. I may make mistakes, but I do my best to be quick to correct them. I love serving customers. It's why I have spent so much of my career waitressing. I have never in my entire career received a complaint about my treatment of a customer. Most customers compliment me on my service. I am friendly, I am genuine, I am eager to please. I once worked at a restaurant called Fatz Cafe. They emphasized that in the restaurant business, you need to have a servant's heart. That's what they looked for in their waitresses, and that's what they found in me. Every restaurant I have worked for has found that given time, I will become their best employee. I strive to excel at everything I do, and I love making people smile.

I'm the kind of employee most employers want. I'm the kind of employee that I thought McDonald's would want. This is the very first establishment to fire me, and the very first establishment to fail to inform me of an imbalance in my till and fail to write me up for it.

There are only two instances in which such an imbalance could have occurred to my knowledge. First of all by a manager forgetting to give me back change, which happened quite often while I was working at this establishment. Second there was a night I forgot to give $20 to Zita. Before I left, while she was counting my till, I returned the money to her. She assured me that she would correct the balance in my till.

This is also the very first establishment to fire me because of an illness due to a disability. I'm not too sure about the legalities of that, and I assure you I will be looking in to it.

I also was never given a 3 month review. My review was this, to quote Evelyn: “This is your review. You're fired.”

Interestingly enough, this was also the very first establishment in which I was almost daily subjected to verbal abuse. I was often rebuked for asking questions about procedures, being told to figure them out myself. I was often yelled at for not following procedures that I hadn't been taught. When I had my first panic attack at work, Evelyn was coming down on me for asking which sink to rinse the coffee pots out in and whether or not to ask a manager's permission to do it since she had informed me I wasn't allowed to rinse the coffee pots out in the sink.

This is also the first establishment where managers would enforce the employees to follow safety regulations and write them up for failing to but would blatantly disregard them their selves all the time. In fact, you could be pretty sure that all the rules would be pushed on the employees but the managers (some of them, not all) wouldn't follow those rules themselves.

I always wondered why McDonald's employees at Wal-Mart hardly ever smiled. Now I guess I know why.

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