>it's final time again

10:21 AM

>I'm two weeks away from finals being due, so I may not be posting as much on here as I will be focusing on rehashing my classes and forming good final papers for them.

I have decided the first certification I'm going to work on getting instead of a Network+ is going to be a MCSE. The exams for the MCSE are shorter and cheaper, you earn little certifications along the way to earning your MCSE, it's probably one of the number one employer requested certifications in any IT position above installation, it's probably the most complete certification you can get, and the employers that request it usually pay around 75-100k, which is double what I could expect to get paid with my degree alone when first entering the field. I won't be spending any more money on them either as I will be using the refund money from my student loan to pay for them. I knew that money had to be good for something beyond just buying new hardware to play with because my actual school costs were so little.

The best part about getting certified is that I'm going to have proof that I know what I'm doing. School takes care of the business and theological side of things but certification shows that you are actually capable of accomplishing something beyond just sitting around and talking about it.

I actually *am* going to still get a Network+, but I'm going to focus on the MCSE first because that is going to be the big, key one. The Network+ will be nice to have because it will show I have a good understanding of how networks are put together and work and it will also compliment my degree nicely. Next it would be nice to have a Linux+. Then I might go on to add upgrades or specializations to my MCSE. I'm not so sure on that one yet. It's still a ways off so it's OK if I'm indecisive about it now.

I've also decided I'm going to stop at an AS for a while and work on certifications. I might go back later and finish a BA but right now more than anything I need to be sporting my working knowledge and not my theoretical knowledge. I must also admit that right now there are so many certifications I'm interested in getting from both Microsoft and CompTIA it's probably best I start working on them as soon and as much as possible. Once I start seeing my degree holding me back from career advancement I will probably calm down on the certification exams and go back for my BA.

So, there's the plan. But right now the plan is just to make it through my finals. ;)

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