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HP has continued to impress me with the Pavillion dv7-2180us laptop.

First of all, let me correct myself on something I stated earlier. I said that it could support a total of 3 displays... I was wrong. I forgot to count the HDMI port. That would make it 4 displays.

Where HP has continued to impress me though hasn't been so much with the hardware on this laptop - I knew what it had when I bought it for the most part so there's not much to be further impressed by there - but it has been with the support software on this laptop. The support software is actually helpful. And the recovery partition does something I have never seen an OEM's recovery software do. It actually asks you if you want to backup all your user data - including your program files folder(s) - to a USB HDD before it restores the internal HDD to factory defaults. Once you've reinstalled Vista, you can pull your files off the USB HDD with an included recovery program.

This feature really saved my butt the other day when a Windows update screwed up my installation beyond repair.

I've also ordered my upgrade to Windows 7. It looks a little weird but I'm willing to give it a shot. After all Microsoft is just going to force us in to it anyways. ;)

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