>wooooooooork. temper tantrums. picture frames?

12:07 AM

>Bleh, ugh, gug. I have been working so hard and have so much more work cut out for me.

I've been working on revamping the house. Not quite redecorating as I'm keeping the same furniture and paint but more like re-accessorizing (and some just plain out accessorizing). This has turned in to a lot of shopping, a lot of de-packaging, and a lot of work putting everything where it belongs. Thank goodness I'm mostly done. Tomorrow I need to set up a wall length mirror, a bunch of picture frames with postcards of various animals in them that I put together for Brennan's room (I will talk about this more later), sweep and mop and vaccum so I can comfortably put down new rugs, change the light bulbs that came with this place out with energy efficient florescent light bulbs, figure out where to put the ionized air purifier (whim purchase :P), and get my laptop set up once it arrives. This weekend we're going to be setting up new curtains and rods and something else I can't even remember. On top of that the house is a mess and needs some TLC stat.

Yesterday we got Brennan a ton of bath toys. Today I dumped them all in the bathtub and he had a blast, so much of one that we ended up being in the bathroom for about an hour. The funny thing is even though he spent an hour in there for the first time ever he threw an absolute temper tantrum when I made him get out of the tub. That kid did not want to leave all those new bath toys behind, lol.

Oh yeah, about the picture frames. My grandma sent me a bunch of animal post cards like she's prone to do because she knows I love pictures of animals so much. The other day I got the idea to put them in frames and hang them around Brennan's room. I got frames that match the furniture in his room so as to make the pictures tasteful additions to his room's overall decor, and plan on using them as tools for helping to teach him what different animals are. It was a mega cheap project to do but the outcome was so beautiful. The frames compliment both the room and the pictures they hold perfectly.

Well, it's time for me to finally get some sleep. I have a big day ahead tomorrow. :)

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