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>My eye feels all better today, yay! Last night it was so bad I think I put half the bottle of homeopathic pink eye drops in it trying to get relief. The drops finally kicked in and I slept peacefully for the first time last night. This morning my eye wasn't sealed shut, there was no tearing, no swelling, and no burning/itching. :)

Brennan's room is finally finished. He now has a TV and DVD player in his room, along with a new ceiling fan, a bunch of framed pictures of animals, and a compact air purifier. We also added one of those push lights to the wall where he can't reach it to serve as a night light since he just yanks regular night lights out of their electrical sockets.

The only thing left to do now is replace the curtains in his room.

We also made a few changes to the bathroom. Namely getting rid of the space hogging stackable drawers and replacing them with a series of shelving that fits over the toilet. We also added a shelf to the area above the sink and a toilet lid latch to keep Brennan out of the toilet.

There's a couple more things I'd like to point out:

The hanging green turtle is a Munchkin Super Bath Scoop. You just run it through the water after your child has taken a bath and it scoops up all the bath toys. Water drains out quickly due to rivets all along the sides of the scoop, and after scooping up the toys you can easily hang it on the side of a tile wall. On top of the scoop is a frog - the Sassy Soft Spout Guard for keeping your little one from getting a bump on the head from hitting his or her head against the spout of your bathtub. It doesn't work too well if left on permanently (I have high water pressure and the water just comes out the sides) but it works great when just used for Brennan's bath time.

Finally a towel hanger for the wall in our bathroom - hooks won't allow the door to the bathroom to close:

There's yet a lot more we've done to the place this past week. We've started installing energy efficient, 99% light blocking, 40% sound blocking curtains through out the place so it's not such a pain to keep the place cool (with nothing but glass doors in Florida that's really important). We finally got an HDTV and a 80 GB PS3. :D (Yeah, really excited about that and the fact we got Guitar Hero World Tour as well). I revamped some of our cleaning products, my favorite being a huge industrial sized string mop that easily squeezes out through a twisting system. We outfitted the place in Holmes ionized HEPA air purifiers (this was when I thought my pink eye might be due to allergies). We also got a bunch of indoor and outdoor rugs, replacing the ones we had and then some. The only other things I can think of is a microwave (necessary, old one burned out), new Tupperware, and new bedding (memory foam pad, pillows, bed sets, sheets).

I also now have a portable HDD (A Western Digital My Passport 250 GB HDD which is one of the smallest I've found and I love it), a 3.5 IDE to USB HDD enclosure (some generic version Staples sells), an 8 GB Sandisk Cruzer thumb drive to add to my collection, a SATA to eSATA HDD enclosure, a USB cable for my Motorola i465 Clutch, and a Vivitar ViviCam 8025 touch screen camera (our old camera broke). Let's not forget my new HP Pavillion dv7-2180us laptop. And of course I stocked up on printer ink for my HP Officejet J3640 all-in-one, electronic wipes, and canned air. Can you tell I'm an Information Technology major by heart and not just by the books? LOL!

I'm quite pleased with these purchases. Chris is soon going to load me up on patch cables as well. I have a Linksys wireless print server that needs to be set up but first I want to get a wireless N router set up. Then I may practice my ability to create subnets with the Netgear RangeMax wireless G router we have now.

I'm starting to think I'm making up for my lack of sewing supplies thanks to Wal-Mart's destruction of the sewing department through getting more serious about computers again. Maybe sometime in the future I'll make the drive out to St. Augustine to get fabric but right now it's just not worth the drive. I'm too bummed about the fact it's not just right down the road any more. I hate you, Wal-Mart. You've went from being about having everything to being about having everything mainstream.

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