>Steve Wilkos rocks. I'm having seizures.

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Today I'm watching Steve Wilkos: He Holds You Hostage. This show has been like reliving 5 years of my life. The man on this show... he's just like the man I dated for 5 years before David and I got back together. I shouldn't say man, I should say boy. This guy is at least honest and open about the way he thinks things should run between him and her. Steve Wilkos did something wonderful. He threw a chair near the guy's head at the wall. Why? Just to make him know how uncomfortable it felt to have someone do that to you. That felt so vindicating for me and I'm sure many more women that have been in abusive relationships in the past.

David witnessed one of my panic attacks last night. He recognized a partial grand mal seizure. Now I need to go to the doctor and get checked out for epilepsy. On top of that last night while looking up info on epilepsy I happened to discover a link to my sleep paralysis... and narcolepsy. I always thought that it meant falling asleep at weird times. It turns out it can be just feeling sleepy all the time too and oversleeping. I talked to my mom about it and she said it was very possible because both me and my father could fall asleep at any time (and we both have problems with sleep paralysis). It kind of shocked me hearing her say that because I never actually thought I slept that much. I just couldn't figure out why I'm so darn tired all of the time. So yeah, that's another thing I'm going to need to talk to the doctor about.

Finals are due at the end of this week. I have no idea how I'm going to get this all together but somehow I know I'm going to pull it off just like I've pulled it off before. I'm not going to let anything get in my way this week, not even a seizure.

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