>My baby can read and I'm ok with that.

3:17 PM

>I've finally broken down and started using the Your Baby Can Read DVDs with Brennan. While I don't believe in their theory of learning (learning separate words instead of learning letters and the sounds they make), I do find the DVDs useful in helping Brennan sound out words and learn what different words mean. They also give me a base to work from - learn this batch of words first, then move on to the second batch. My theory right now is that teaching him words alongside sounds and the alphabet will help him to better understand how words actually work i.e. how to sound them out and really read. Knowing the name of each letter is also not being stressed as much as being able to associate the sound (Brennan is only 16 months old so he's still learning how to make all the sounds that accompany our alphabet... I think pushing him to say letters of the alphabet when he can't even make most the sounds yet would be pretty pointless. I teach him what the name of each letter is but I don't really push him about it like I do sounds.).

I know I'm really off the beaten path they have laid out for kids his age but Brennan has proved already he's not sticking to that path. He's not interested in reading unless he can feel like he has an active part in it. I'm not going to teach him aspects of reading I don't think he can learn yet or teach them in a way that I don't think he'll learn them. So far I've been successful and he's learning - he is learning... that is all that matters to me. That plus it is just so heart warming to see him run around the house now trying to read things to me. :)

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