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Just when I thought I was getting better at this, I made the mistake again today of thinking that other people think like me. In this particular case, George's girlfriend challenged me to find out where they lived. Unbeknown to her, I have George's social security number so well memorized from when he insisted on using it as a Vonage password that I know it as well as my own... and a background check only costs around $35. I started to tell her that and warn her that she might want to be more careful about challenging people when the possible consequences could put her children at risk. David stopped me though and pointed out that she would probably take it as a threat rather than me trying to be helpful. What did I say? "Well, if it was me I would want to be warned about it even if it did come from a stranger I hated and it meant losing a little pride and ignorance. My pride and ignorance don't come anywhere near being as valuable to me as my son's well being."

It was at that point that David had to gently remind me that other people may not reason things out this way.

"I don't understand, though. I care about people. You would think it would be obvious from the way I acted that I care about people, but some people seem to always think that I'm out to get them or something."

I love my husband. He is so wise. He replied, "Some people just aren't used to having people care about them so they don't believe it when it happens."

He added, "I also think she is jealous of you. George seems to be obsessed with you."

I replied, "Baby, I really don't think George wants me back or anything like that."

He said, "I didn't say he wanted you back. I said he was obsessed. There's a difference. Kind of like how Finch keeps on stalking my blog." (Finch is the girl David was engaged to before me... she ran off and married another guy a long time ago, but for some odd reason she tracked me down on MyYearbook and now stalks his blog)

Me: "Obsessed... ???"

Ummm... ok. I get what he's saying but it doesn't make any sense. At the same time it does make some kind of weird sense. I don't know. I can't really put my finger on it. Asking me to relate to not feeling anything is like asking me to speak Japanese. I can understand another language exists other than my own but don't ask me to actually understand it. I'm a very emotionally driven person... that's why I tend to be so emotionally honest.

I know what you're thinking. But no one asked you to understand it... Well, I've talked about this before. I'm lost if I don't understand where someone is coming from because I am so darn used to understanding.

Bleh. I don't really mind staying lost on this one. I pretty much stayed lost on this guy when I was dating him anyways. I'm used to it.

Anyways, I've decided I don't care any more about this guy playing internet stalker. He'll tire of it eventually. They all do. He is probably reading this and taking it as a challenge... he can go ahead and try. It's going to be one gigantic waste of his time, not mine.

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