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Today I finally sat down and watched Taylor Swift's and Beyonce's VMA award music videos.

First of all, they both sucked. It was a good reminder of why I don't watch music channels or listen to the radio any more. The music videos were not original and the music itself sounded like regurgitated crap (especially Beyonce's song) and lacked any real artistry.

Second, I can see why Taylor Swift won. Her video at least had props. Beyonce's video however lacked props, lacked real music, and on top of that lacked real dance... it was just kind of the same thing over and over ("If you like it then you should've put a ring on it" again... and again... and again... it's not even a clever phrase). I can also see why Kanye thought Beyonce's video was the best (and although he accused Taylor of winning because she was white, I don't think he liked Beyonce's video just because she was black). His blog is filled with pictures of postmodern minimalism. Beyonce's video is postmodern minimalistic. It's not very hard to figure out. Kanye evidently likes postmodern minimalism... and thinks he is an authoritative figure in judging artistic talant... and thinks the rest of us should agree with him as a result. Sorry Kanye but now days having a record label deal does not automatically make you a REAL artist. If anything it proves you're just in it for the money. Not to mention YOU CAN'T EVEN RAP. When you first appeared on the radio I was seriously hoping a real rap artist like 2Pac or Biggie would rise from his grave and at least give you a few pointers (like "rhyme your words") so you would not make my ears bleed nearly as much.

I wish there would be some sort of Motown comeback or something. A return to the days of searching the streets for raw & real talent. The music industry has lost its connection with the people.

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