>Is Fan Check on Facebook a virus?

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Evidently there is a rumor spreading around that Fan Check on Facebook is a virus. In short, it is not. In depth...
  • No security sites lists this site as being a perpetrator of a virus and it has been long enough now that if it was a virus they would have it listed (however, they do warn against sites claiming to inform people about the "Fan Check virus")
  • This site does not request or require you to download anything (a virus is a program, not an illness in computers - you have to run one in order to get infected by it)
  • This site also does not request or require you to run any kind of specialized web content like videos, scripts, etc. (again, viruses have to be ran in order to infect you - some can be embedded in web content to execute at the same time as the web content - the problem here is there's no web content to be executed)
  • Interestingly enough, since this rumor has started sites have appeared on Google claiming to give information on the "virus" but instead infect people with a very real virus (if there was a virus, there would be real sites on its existence, not just bogus sites that are targeted towards taking advantage of people wanting to know about the "virus")
Don't just take my word for it, though. Check out some of these links:

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