>my finals are done and now I can't sleep

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After one long grueling week, my finals are finally done and turned in. I'm pretty sure I did a good job. For Supervision and Leadership I had to create a best practices manual for supervisors and for Intro to LAN Technologies I had to create a corporate LAN for a fake company and present it in Powerpoint.

I finally dug up an email address for the president of MTLM Inc. and sent him an email describing everything I witnessed while working under them. I requested a read receipt and got it, so I know he read it. It's been a week since that happened though and still no response. It looks like I'm going to have to go the legal route just to get their attention. It's a shame. Personally if someone complained to me that they were fired over a disability I would be checking to see if I had any proof otherwise and respond. Not having any proof otherwise is bad enough in court, but not responding to the complaint on top of that makes things look even worse.

Brennan is now saying "thank you" when you give him something. Actually it comes out more like "tank-u" but we get the point. ;)

Bleh, I can't sleep. I'm sleepy but my mind and body just won't stop. I hate nights like this. They always screw up my sleeping schedule, not to mention deprive me of sleep since my little angel likes to wake up early in the morning.

Well, all should be returning to normal this week. My finals are over and I'm taking a four week break from my classes.

I'm too tired to even blog. Ugh.

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