>Self hating and self loving; nothing new.

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>I probably should have not called Kanye the names I did yesterday. I know I'm going against the majority right now, but something I didn't take in to consideration is whether or not Kanye was raised this way and whether or not he is surrounded by people that think this way. I know from my experience in South Carolina it is all too easy for racists to thrive and flourish in communities rather than individuals, because when you were raised racist and have been around racist people all your life you don't even realize you're racist (for example, the word "nigger" is probably the second most used word up there and most of the people that use it will tell you, "I'm not a racist. I just hate niggers."). While this does not remove Kanye's responsibility from his actions if he is in such a situation, it does help one to understand a little better where he's coming from, especially when one considers the particular view point that Kanye has been expressing.

Racism in the black community tends to be a bit more personal than racism among whites (Gee, I wonder why? :P). Probably the most common view point (and the one Kanye has expressed) is a weird mix between "black is beautiful" and "I hate black skin." If you've never encountered this line of reasoning before, it probably makes no sense. I will break it down for you.

When someone is in an entire culture of racism, like I stated before, it's hard to resist taking on the same view point. This happened back during slave times - since whites were so big on white features being beautiful and black features being ugly, the slaves took on this same line of reasoning. Once they were freed products started coming out that pushed this same kind of reasoning. Skin lightening products in particular were the rage, and I remember seeing an old ad for one showing half of a black woman's face and half of a white woman's face stuck together.

When blacks started developing more of a sense of self pride, somehow the message got confused with all the white idealism of the past. Now you have blacks that will proclaim how proud they are to be black and even make racist statements against whites but at the same time they show a preference for lighter skin and feel like having that lighter skin themselves or on someone else is a special privilege.

I suspect that Kanye is one of these people, mostly based on the statement he made about race mixing. Oddly enough this kind of view point is one I have only ever seen come out of the mouths of blacks that feel this particular way, probably because of the twisted amount of reasoning it requires (a mix of self hate and self love).

I willing to bet Kanye was raised this way (that or he had such nasty encounters with whites that it scarred him for life). I'm also willing to bet Kanye was raised this way not by one person but by a whole community. And dare I say he probably still surrounds himself with the same kind of company? It's not too hard to imagine.

I tried checking his blog for more insight on this but unfortunately Kanye only likes to post pictures of random crap on his blog. Interesting pictures but it doesn't really tell me much about you as a person. It doesn't really make me want to come back, either, especially after witnessing an Ipod with grossly over-sized ear buds.

Oh, wait. There is one thing rather interesting about his blog. Out of all the pictures of women I saw posted on there, I did not see one woman with skin that was even so much as just tan. Now normally that wouldn't make any difference to me - we all have our preferences - but what makes it interesting is the statements we've seen out of Kanye so far in regards to race. Suddenly my proposal that Kanye is a self hating/self loving black man seems a little bit more true.

And his actions seem a little less surprising, as well, once you snap in this perspective. All that self hate is just going to make you more fierce about your self love, and what have we seen? Taylor Swift winning that award made him feel that self hate... which set off his self love alarm and made him commit that little act of absolute insanity we saw the other night. He later reasoned out all these feelings on his never-written-in blog by subtly suggesting that Taylor Swift just won because she was white. Wow, Kanye, you mean to tell me it can't just be that country is more popular at the moment than anything else besides maybe emo? Rap, hip hop, R & B, etc. all sucks right now. Including you. Now sit your butt down!

The funny thing about it is I don't even like Taylor Swift. I think people have to be insane to vote for her in the first place. But at the same time I realize how she could win right now, and it's pretty much coming down to "Which genre of music sucks the least?" now days. Want proof? Ask a teenager to list their favorite bands... assuming that teenager is not an emo, that teenager will probably list some pretty old musicians and maybe even some indie. There might be a few modern musicians listed but it won't be nearly like the list of modern musicians most of us could prattle off when we were teenagers. I've actually had teenagers ask me to recommend some old musicians to them because they're bored with what they have and won't even consider any new stuff that isn't "old".

One could even say that is why the music industry is floundering so much now but unfortunately that would be narrow-minded because the economy started going bad around the same time (And what do people cut back on first? Entertainment!).

Anyways, Kanye's definitely got his own vision of things going on. I think rather than being angry at him we should feel sorry for him, because he is only pulling himself down by holding on to such a perspective.

Additionally, he should be banned from appearing on T.V. until he straightens out. I know this probably won't happen, but it would be a good punishment for Kanye not learning to keep his mouth shut and it would also keep the public from having to deal with his nonsense showing up on their television sets.

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