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This is probably one of the reasons why my friends always advise me to just walk away from these types of conflicts, LOL.

It aggravates me to no end when people prove to be incapable of having a decent, intelligent conversation that actually resolves things and instead digress in to making everything a battle and assuming the other person is full of malicious or manipulative (to me manipulative IS malicious, but whatever) intent, even when the other person has shown absolutely no signs of this. This always ends up in a bunch of very poorly founded (if founded at all... in this case a lot of them weren't) insults and accusations being thrown. If the other person is not full of malicious or manipulative intent it confuses the crap out of them and frustrates them because they're trying to now talk to a primitive being that is incapable of critical thought. It's like these people's defense mechanism just gets thrown off for no reason whatsoever and they start attacking and defending themselves against who ever is standing before them.

I know I shouldn't let it aggravate me, but it does. And like a total idiot I will sit there for a while and just try to calmly reason with them. I should just get up and walk away as soon as it freaking starts. One request and this person snaps. I should have just said screw it all just then.

But no. I go on trying to reason with them, and then I think I'm getting somewhere, they seem like they've calmed down and they're really talking now instead of just letting random insults and assumptions fly. But there's some bleed through that makes me doubt... some remarks... and then they snap again.

W.... T.... F... ???

The bleed through is what really gets me... those small remarks hidden in between all the niceties. Like this person was just trying to fake it all along and finally lost it. But this is the strange part... what they lost it over. It wasn't a single thing I had said. It was all fabrications that they seemed to have made up out of thin air.

It was at that point that I finally gave up. There's no reasoning with that. There's no telling the truth to that. That has its mind made up to what the truth is already, even if it based on some twisted parallel third dimension. :-/

Now comes the part as to why my friends advise me to just avoid these situations as soon as they come up. I obsess over them. I try working out every possible scenario in my mind as to why they would be like this. Now, this comes in handy some times if I hit the nail on the head because then I can empathize, but when I can't figure it out, it almost drives me crazy. I think maybe it's because I'm used to being able to empathize with people... the shock from not being able to empathize just stops me dead in my tracks and makes me wonder, "Why?"

I love puzzles, but I can get really frustrated if I can't figure out the answers to my questions. I remember I spent years being pissed off at God because during those years of research I just couldn't definitively say yes or no to His existence and it was driving me crazy that he was being so ambiguous, LOL. You see my point? I take these things seriously! And I'm already getting a headache trying to figure this one out because this person did not know me and I never said anything that could have possibly been misunderstood that I am aware of. Yet all these wild accusations came out...

Wow. Just... wow. *sigh*

At this point, I guess all I can do is pray that this person comes to their senses and for the strength to leave it alone. Things will work themselves out and there's no need for me to try to push them. George will get bored with his little game soon enough and I'm willing to wait it out if it means avoiding dealing with someone that's absolutely delusional. *shudders* This person reminds me of how my mom was when I was a kid and she was having a nervous breakdown. She would be convinced that I hated her even though I loved her like crazy and no amount of reasoning would get it through to her that I really did love her. Maybe they're having a nervous breakdown as well...

I will say one thing, though (out of the many things I have already said, LOL): This experience has made me all the more thankful that I can talk my issues out with most people, and that there is no one in my life currently that acts like this (I won't say there hasn't been in the past).

Good riddance.

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