>Brennan is officially on his way to being potty trained

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>Brennan used the potty for the first time last night and I am so proud of him! He is now officially on his way to being potty trained! YAY!

It’s hard to believe that in one month he’s going to be 18 months old. Where has all this time went?
Communicating with him has been getting better by leaps and bounds – literally. He’ll go a while seeming to make no progress whatsoever (and worry me half to death) and then all of a sudden one day he’ll just start busting out with all kinds of new stuff that lets me know he’s not only right on target in his development but he’s actually ahead. It’s like he takes a big time out to absorb a bunch of new things and then when he’s got them down he busts out with them and nearly knocks us off our feet.

He’s recently gained a love for “dancing” to music with a well timed beat. If it’s got a good beat he will not only dance but he will keep to the rhythm. Games like patty cake and the itsy bitsy spider now get the response of him bobbing his head, clapping his hands, bouncing, and/or stomping his feet along with the song instead of just grinning at you and/or copying what you’re doing.

He’s also learned how to spell a few more new words (“dog” and “hi”), has learned some more letters (incidentally D, O, and G), learned another color (yellow), and is FINALLY complying with us when we ask him to point out his or our body parts, right down to saying the part he’s pointing to without us asking (I knew he knew them! He just waited until he could actually say them, the little rascal).

I’m starting to learn our son just doesn’t like to do things unless he can go all the way with them. Crawling, walking, talking, etc. has all gone by the same exact pattern. He doesn’t even attempt it, we get worried, then one day he all of a sudden not only starts doing it but starts doing it way better than what we expected. For example, when he was 12 months old, he was just edging around furniture and showed no interest in really learning how to walk. When he was 13 months old though all of a sudden he started walking by himself with no support and very rarely fell. By the time he was 14 months old he could not only walk but run as well. Crazy, isn’t it?

Anyways, today we got him some training pants. David picked out White Cloud training pants, they have a picture of a truck on the front of them (Brennan loves motor vehicles) and the wheels disappear when they’re wet. They also can either be pulled on or put on using the Velcro tabs on the sides (kind of like a diaper but not quite). So far they certainly do fit him a lot better than a diaper and that includes Huggies Little Movers (which BTW are the most absorbent and best fitting diapers I have found so far). I can’t really say much beyond that though… it’s not like I can critique their absorbency, and Brennan hasn’t wet in them yet so I can’t tell if the whole disappearing wheels thing works. Yup, you read it right – Brennan has been using the toilet on a regular basis since last night. He’s not doing what I REALLY want him to do in the toilet (bowel movements so we no longer have to deal with him sticking his hand down in his diapers and/or taking them off and getting the yucky stuff all over the place) but he is at least urinating regularly, which is better than nothing!

Brennan, once again, I am so incredibly proud of you. Keep up the good work and you will go very far in your life! Momma and Dada love you!

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