>Heya, Joe Wilson...

1:41 PM

>... You are such a stereotypical "white" South Caroliner. You're not racist? Riiiiight. Why didn't you finish that sentence? "I'm not racist... I just hate niggers." That's what they normally say in SC, isn't it? And it's a-ok to be a racist and have mixed children; just make sure no one ever finds out about them (although originally you let your true colors shine and expressed your distaste for a "white" man, your precious racist hero, going anywhere near a "black" female). You make me sick. I wish your state and other southern states that still carry on their racist ways behind closed doors would have succeeded from the Union just so the rest of us would be spared from your pathetic whining. The country has moved on... it's time for you to do the same.

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