>I'm not a nice girl... or am I?

9:23 PM

>David and I were just talking about one of my chat screen names, not_a_nice_girl.

David: "About your screen name baby, I don't think you could ever be not_a_nice_girl"
Me: "But baby, that's kind of the point of the joke..."

But awww, that was so sweet of him! :)

I hate the word "nice" though. It seems that everyone that claims they're "nice" are always the exact opposite. I'm especially wary of males that claim they're a "nice guy" and females that claim they are a "nice girl". This seems to be some sort of weird universal pseudo-speak for "I'm fake."

Interestingly enough, I did say I was nice today. I remember thinking at the time "ugh... that word... but it isn't meant in the way it usually is." I was wrong.

I think I know why this word always seems to correspond with fake.

When you think of "nice", you don't think of "open" or "honest" initially... you think of being polite, which is a conscious action and not a personality trait. Anyone can be polite. Anyone can be "nice".

Someone that is open and honest isn't going to use the word "nice" because for these people this word is too vague and not descriptive enough. But for people who aren't so open and honest, this word makes for a great cover up. If they're "nice" who cares how open and honest they are? They're nice! They wouldn't hurt a fly! Riiiight.

There's a flaw in this reasoning. You can only maintain the facade for so long. Some people never even try. Others will crack little by little. Some will explode.

That's not to say there aren't some generally nice people out there. They just don't usually describe themselves as nice. They describe themselves as good hearted, good natured, loving, caring, empathetic, etc. They don't fake being nice - it comes from the heart. They see it as a by-product and therefore not a description of their personality.

That's why I'm not_a_nice_girl. I don't fake.

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