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Well, this year's Halloween didn't go quite as I wanted it to.

Yesterday Sammy went missing. Today I spent all day walking around with Brennan passing out flyers. I spent so much time doing it that when it was time to go trick or treating I was exhausted.

We went to Publix's Halloween kid's festival as planned. However, I didn't have the energy to walk around any neighborhoods and it was too hot for Brennan's costume, so we didn't do any real trick or treating.

Despite not going trick or treating, Brennan had a blast at the kids festival. He watched other kids finger paint for a while, watched them play golf, tried his hand at some ball toss games, and even helped out by giving the balls to other kids to toss, LOL.

The bad thing is I was so tired I forgot to take a picture of him in his costume. So tomorrow I will probably be cheating and dressing him back up for some pictures. He went as a lion and we drew little whiskers on his face... he was so cute and quite a few people commented on what an adorable little lion he made. Of course he just pranced around and ate all the praise up. :P LOL

When we got home we watched (and are still watching) the Ghost Hunters special and the live cameras on the site. It's became a cheesy tradition of ours to do this every year.

Even though things didn't go as planned, it's been a pretty decent Halloween. Everyone is having fun and that makes me happy. :)

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