>A birthday gift from the heart

8:27 PM

>Things have been looking up a lot. I feel like just in the past couple of weeks my life has suddenly made an amazing spiral down followed by an even more amazing upswing. Just in time for my birthday.

I'm going to give a present to you, however. It's called http://the-internet-mind.com. Just read around some, and see if you can relate. If you can, it may prove to be life changing.

This is no hoax. It's real psychology, the exact same stuff that I'm learning about in college. Only it's explained to you in several different formats so that you can find the one that you can relate to. Instead of using those concepts to turn your look outwards towards others, you learn to use those same concepts to turn your look inwards. It's self-help in its absolute purest form. Important, complex psychological concepts are not watered down and relabeled like you find in may self-help tools.

I don't know how many people I know now are struggling with things like anger problems and depression. Some of these people don't even initially seem to have these problems because many of us have been conditioned to ignore them. The latch key kid generation may very well be an entire generation of internalizers and externalizers.

Additionally, everyone's family has some amount of dysfunction while they are growing up. A lot of people don't know how to properly challenge these issues and resolve them as adults. We simply don't teach basic psychological concepts to our children that let them know how to listen to and self assess themselves and their environment. These are important concepts to know because they are the core concepts that allow us to become healthy, happy adults. And since we can't become healthy, happy adults we can't teach our kids how to become that way. It gets passed on and on through generations of families without anyone even realizing that they are hurting the next generation to come.

I hope this finds someone some peace, and they pass it on. We need to make this something more people are aware of. If we don't it will just get worse.

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