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Our family seems to have come down with either the swine flu or some variation of the flu that has the same symptoms as swine flu. Strangely enough Brennan seems to be the one that has been handling it the most effectively, with only some stuffiness to contend with. David and I however have had the full spectrum of symptoms and while they are mild symptoms they are still enough to make you miserable none the less.

Sammy is still missing. I'm starting to believe we will never see him again. If who ever has him was going to return them they would have made some attempt to do so by now, and it's not like it's hard to find out who his owners are. We have posted flyers all over the place, notified Animal Control and the Humane Society, placed an ad in the paper, and even placed ads all over the internet. We miss him so badly. I feel like I will never again love a dog, not anywhere near as much as I loved this one.

Behavioral Science has became a lot easier now that I've gotten past the beginning part. I'm even impressing my instructor with my understanding and knowledge of the material. I'm starting to consider changing my major over to Psychology again. I really enjoy exploring the human mind. There are several things holding me back from changing my major, however. Probably number one is the fact that in order to get anywhere in Psychology I will need an advanced degree and along with that I will need to learn a lot of math, especially when it comes to things like prescribing medication. Math is a sore spot for me and I like to stay away from it as much as possible. I know that sounds funny coming from someone that is in to computers, but the numbers computers use make sense to me when nothing else does, probably because for computers numbers are a theoretical language.

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