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>I'm transferring to a new school in January. It's a Christian college and I am so excited to be starting there! The staff are really friendly, laid back, and caring. Nothing like the college I'm going to now.

I also hurt my jammed finger even more today by popping it while cleaning Brennan's stroller. Now it bends back and forth sideways. I currently have it in a splint until I can see a specialist about all the ligament damage. I'm doing pretty well touch typing with three fingers on one hand, LOL.

Brennan and I went to see Daddy today. It was really nice and we had a lot of fun. Daddy has had some revelations and I am really hoping that he keeps up the good work and continues to press forward towards recovery. I am really proud of him right now. He's overcame the biggest hurdle to recovery - denial. That is a really big accomplishment in itself... most people go their entire lives never budging from their denial enough to even begin to consider getting help. Overcoming that hurdle alone indicates there is real hope for a complete recovery.

I am one very lucky and blessed woman. Not only because I have been able to break the cycle and make leaps and bounds in my own personal recovery, but also because I just so happened to marry someone that is in that small percentage of people that are capable of breaking through their denial. There's hope for this family yet. :)

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