>a good example of why you should care about your health even if your "friends" don't

2:45 PM

>I went to the hospital today and it was confirmed that I have pneumonia.

I can't help but recall how my "friend" made the judgment last night that I was "fine". First of all, I must say I am very glad he is not a doctor. Second, I must pat myself on the back for making a good call by refusing to do anything but rest once I realized being up and about was just making my condition worse. Had I not made that call, I may have been actually admitted to the hospital today instead of being released with some prescriptions for steroids and antibiotics.

Blessings come in all forms of strange situations. When you're sick, you tend to find out who really cares and who is just there to use you. Last night I found out exactly that. It's just a shame it took something like this to make me finally act on it.

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