>and then the stench hit the fan...

1:01 PM

>I found out something last night that had I known about it earlier would have resulted in my "best friend" being shown the door.

Every time my husband and I have a dispute, he has been there to reassure me that he was encouraging my husband to work out our issues and stay with me but acted like he didn't think my husband was going to work on them. So I was very surprised to find out from my husband last night that he has been trying to talk him in to leaving me on the premises that it was easier to start a new relationship than to work on fixing the one you have (relationships being compared to starting a new business or fixing one that has went under).

Yeeeeeah. I think this guy's scheme just got blown out of the water. Either he wanted me or my husband all to himself. And he's not gay, I don't think. There's no telling now that I know he's been lying to us.

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